• From Roland on JIVE - 1013

    We have 8 Fusion Jive all leather Midnight Blue, reclining theater chairs, with Buttkickers. They are really terrific looking and they are extremely comfortable. These are really wonderful seats and everyone who sees them and sits in them loves them.

    2019/04/26 at 2:42 pm
  • From Jonathan on ESCAPE - 1019

    Recently purchased 4 Escape chairs for my new media room, and my family is in love with them. They look beautiful (we have black, top grain leather), are very comfortable and the power recline & powered headrest are great. I love the deep storage in the armrests and the USB charger in every chair. I put a cord in each one so anyone can charge their phone or iPad. My biggest problem is I don’t want to get out of the chairs and do anything else.

    Highly recommend.

    2019/04/24 at 12:28 am
  • From TP on ESCAPE - 1019

    I purchased 2 rows of three of the Fusion ESCAPE leather/vinyl theater seats in the straight & curved configurations. I was in direct contact with Roman throughout the entire process & let me tell you, his customer service is unrivaled. He responds to any & all questions almost immediately. He is extremely knowledgeable about the products that he sells. His Fusion Escape seats are really nice.

    If you experience an issue with ANYTHING after the sale, unlike some other companies, he will be just as responsive, as he was before the sale. The reviews REALLY are true! He values customer service and is a straight shooter who will “not” try to pull “wool over your eyes”.

    I purchased the Fusion ESCAPE seats to replace some Berklines that were 5 years old. They had only occasionally been used (adult environment) & they were already peeling. NEVER again! This time, I purchased seats in the leather/vinyl combo (100% leather is very expensive in theater seats). I was “COMPLETELY OVER” the sales pitch: “today’s vinyl is not like the vinyl back in the day”, because I have first hand knowledge that NO, it’s not. The couches and chairs from “back in the day” STILL look good or have aged appropriately considering their age. The vinyl being sold now, is NOTHING like Naugahyde from the 60’s & 70’s. Needless to say, I was reluctant, still to even purchase the leather match, but Roman was so helpful, I knew that WHATEVER I purchased, it would DEFINITELY be from him.

    The first go around, I had heard of him & read all the reviews, but was too afraid to purchase the seating “sight unseen”. Well, not this time, I plunged into the reviews on the AVS Forum & his name came up OVER & OVER. (Now I see why & believe every review).

    PROS: My first set was manual & I was 100% okay with those. Well, I like the POWER SEATS a lot more than I thought I would.
    I love that I can use the cupholders while still using the tray table, unlike my previous seats. The buttons are on the cupholder & it’s just icing on the cake that you can turn the blue lights off during a movie/TV show, as not to distract you. The power headrests are a feature that, at 4’11”, I don’t need to use as much as my taller family members. They, however, seem to enjoy that feature. The ESCAPES have ac cooling feature in the cupholder, I’m not sure that it makes a difference with sodas or if it matters if they are in a can or a plastic cup/bottle. Another feature, & one that I will NEVER do without again, is the STORAGE in the armrests. They are PERFECT for storing throw blankets, remotes, magazines, etc. Each seat has 2 USB ports in the armrest. I have 4 storage compartments (per row of 3), and 3 of the armrests has 2 USB ports in them. So I have a total of 6 USB ports in a row of 3. I also LOVE that I can charge both my phone/tablet and Logitech remote from my seat WHILE I’m watching a movie/show.

    CONS: Seriously, none.

    If you’re worried about purchasing big ticket items online, you owe it to yourself to at least reach out to Roman. Give him a chance, you won’t likely be disappointed.

    As for Roman, this guy is solid! I have had my seats approximately 1 month & so far, so good. I wish I could attach photo of my setup for reference but there are many photos on this website & mine are no different.

    I’m finally happy with my theater seats.

    2019/04/14 at 8:09 pm
  • From George_TN on ESCAPE - 1019

    Absolutely love the Escape chairs, great cushioning, support, look and functionality. We have the IOVOOVOI loveseat configuration and appreciate the slight curve it creates. This is my second order from Roman and Ultimate Home Entertainment. Its tough to justify not being able to see and feel before such a large purchase, however these are quality chairs for your home theater room. I would not hesitate to purchase these chairs. Enjoy those movies!

    2019/03/18 at 11:09 am
  • From Prasad Kokkeradda on ESCAPE - 1019

    I recently purchased sofas from Mr. Roman for my Home Theatre. We liked the sofas very much for the comfort and it has been a great experience from the time we ordered sofas until they are delivered and installed in my Home theatre. Our sofas are equipped with Butt Kickers which provide a great experience when watching movies. Roman also delivered Projector, controller and speakers etc. and installed them in My Home theatre. Roman also introduced us to his network of carpenter, electrician and Painter who did an excellent job with completion of my Home Theatre. Roman is patient and willing to work with our schedules and helped educate me with lot of details during the process. I strongly recommend Mr. Roman for anyone interested in installing a Home theatre in their home.

    2019/03/17 at 3:48 pm
  • From Prasad kokkeradda on ESCAPE - 1019

    I recently bought these sofas for my home theater from mr. Roman. We really love these seats. They are elegant, modern and very comfortable. It was a great experience working with Roman. He is very knowledgeable, detail oriented and helped me understand many things during the process. I also purchased projector, screen, speakers etc. from Roman and he installed all of them. We really like the way how our Home theater came out and definitely recommend Sofas and Roman’s services for purchase and installation of Home theater equipment to anyone. Roman also introduced us to his network of people who helped with renovation work at my home.

    2019/03/10 at 4:45 pm
  • From Kevin on JIVE - 1013

    I purchased a row of 3 curved Fusion Jives from Roman. He was very helpful during the entire process and shipped the seats *very* quickly.

    One of the armrest wasn’t lining up quite right initially. Roman was prompt in his replies (even though I wasn’t) as we went about troubleshooting everything. After determining that the hinge was problematic, Roman had one shipped directly from the factory — it, like the chairs, arrived very quickly.

    Everyone who has sat in the chairs has been impressed. By far, the most common response is, “I don’t want to get up”. Even though the Jives are typically used in width-constrained builds, I personally find them to be plenty roomy. Highly recommend the Jives and doing business with Roman!

    2019/02/18 at 10:06 pm
  • From Mark Fontaine on ESCAPE - 1019

    Best value in high quality theater chairs

    I recently purchased a set of 3 Escapes for my dedicated theater, and these check all the boxes: -comfort -quality -value -customer service I would doubt you can get better chairs at any price. I’m slightly kyphotic, and needed a pillow behind my head for comfort, and these chairs entirely eliminated that concern with the adjustable headrest. They provide the perfect blend of firmness and softness and are the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in. Any doubts about buying without testing them and concerns about customer service are unfounded. I had a missing armrest in my order, and Roman took care of that, he was also very helpful in answering all my questions regarding configurations. My significant other (an entirely different body habitus, curvy dimensions), also was very positive about how comfortable these are. These look good, feel good, are well-made and reasonably priced: a very safe purchase.

    2018/12/13 at 11:12 am
  • From Yipzou on JIVE - 1013

    These guys know how to treat their customers. Their support is very skilled and friendly. I asked about what system would fit my needs the best and they offered a brief explanation shortly.

    2018/11/19 at 10:40 am
  • From Potsini on JIVE - 1013

    Great Theater Chairs and Great Service

    I bought a set of theater chairs from Ultimate Home Entertainment in Oct 2018 and the entire process was great. Communication from the primary contact was excellent…fast responses, answered all of my questions, and was very friendly. The chairs are high quality and are a great value. I highly recommend and would buy from again.

    2018/10/19 at 8:15 pm