• ESCAPE - 1019 From Mark Fontaine on December 13, 2018
    5.0 rating

    Best value in high quality theater chairs

    I recently purchased a set of 3 Escapes for my dedicated theater, and these check all the boxes: -comfort -quality -value -customer service I would doubt you can get better chairs at any price. I’m slightly kyphotic, and needed a pillow behind my head for comfort, and these chairs entirely eliminated that concern with the adjustable headrest. They provide the perfect blend of firmness and softness and are the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in. Any doubts about buying without testing them and concerns about customer service are unfounded. I had a missing armrest in my order, and Roman took care of that, he was also very helpful in answering all my questions regarding configurations. My significant other (an entirely different body habitus, curvy dimensions), also was very positive about how comfortable these are. These look good, feel good, are well-made and reasonably priced: a very safe purchase.

  • JIVE - 1013 From Yipzou on November 19, 2018
    5.0 rating

    These guys know how to treat their customers. Their support is very skilled and friendly. I asked about what system would fit my needs the best and they offered a brief explanation shortly.

  • JIVE - 1013 From Potsini on October 19, 2018
    5.0 rating

    Great Theater Chairs and Great Service

    I bought a set of theater chairs from Ultimate Home Entertainment in Oct 2018 and the entire process was great. Communication from the primary contact was excellent…fast responses, answered all of my questions, and was very friendly. The chairs are high quality and are a great value. I highly recommend and would buy from again.

  • LAGOON - 1011 From Chad on October 18, 2018
    5.0 rating

    Quality chairs and quality service

    I am two weeks into my Lagoon leather chairs. I ordered 7 total. Chairs are great value and are a quality product. Service from Roman was great.

  • JIVE - 1013 From Greg C on October 15, 2018
    5.0 rating

    Fusion Jives

    I received 6 Fusion Jive Chairs (Leather/Vinyl) from Roman two weeks ago and I am very satisfied. The chairs have a premium look to them and are very comfortable. I spent probably a good year researching Home Theater chairs and while I know I could have spent a lot more or less money I feel like these chairs were the right decision. The chairs are reasonably priced for the quality – they are sturdy and well built with great features – the recline is smooth and the leather looks and feels great (also will be easy to clean when needed). I was concerned that I would be short changing myself with the Jives being that they are the narrower chairs but I am happy to say they are plenty big even for my 6-3 foot cousin and very comfortable. I am very satisfied with these chairs and after agonizing over the decision for a long time I am very happy I went with Roman and the Fusion Jives.

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