Phone / Small Tablet Holder

Phone / small tablet holderPhone or small tablet holder
Phone / small tablet holder

Note : Works with all style groups except for Encore-1010 and Lagoon-1011 

Phone / Small Tablet Holder


The Fusion Collection Theater Seating™ has been designed and manufactured based on years of experience and customer’s feedback. Comfort, style and features were carefully considered in order to satisfy anyone looking for great and affordable Home Theater recliners. The phone holder holder is one of the accessories we offer. It is adjustable and will accept variety of phones and small tablets, and will allow you to comfortable view/operate the phone or a small tablet while sitting in your chair.

  • Very durable all metal phone / small tablet holder that will accommodate phones and small tables of various sizes
  • Plug it into a spindle / placeholder on top of the chair arm or place it in the arm storage compartment when not in use


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