ENCORE – 1010 in Microfiber

Fusion Collection Encore-1010 manual recliners in BLACK microfiberSinge Encore-1010 manual recliner in black microfiberEncore-1010 fully reclined in BLACK microfiberEncore-1010 swivel tray tableSet of 2 Encore-1010 manual reclinersFusion Collection Encore-1010 in 3 seat couch configurationBack view of the set of 3 Encore-1010 manual recliners in black microfiberFusion Collection Encore-1010 straight set of 4 in microfiberFusion Collection Encore-1010 straight set of 4 w/loveseatFusion Collection Encore-1010 straight set of 5 w/2 loveseats in black microfiber
Straight set of 3 Fusion Collection Encore-1010 recliners in black microfiber

Relaxation Night

Get ready to relax in luxurious comfort of your Fusion Collection Theater Seating™.

Fusion Collection Encore-1010 home theater recliners are extremely comfortable, come with a lot of features like arm storage compartments, tilting tray tables, BUTTKICKER-READY feature and are aggressively priced.  Available in sets of 2, 3, 4 and more, with and without the love seats, couch configurations, etc…


ENCORE – 1010 in Microfiber

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List price: $1125.00
Sale price starting at $675.00
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Pocketed Spring Coil Cushion

– Cradles your body and perfectly conforms to the weight and contour of your body providing the best support & comfort available.

Manual Recline

– Easily reclines with the touch of a button.

Chaise Seating

– Provides head-to-toe support when fully reclined.

Armrest storage compartments

– Provides ample space for a tray table, 3D glasses, game console, etc….

Swivel tray tables

– Can be installed on top of the armrests or removed and stored in the armrests when not in use.

Extra Plush Back Padding

– The extra plush back padding cradles your body extending your reclining comfort.


– Generously sized to fit most cans, bottles and drinking cups.  Stainless steel cupholder insert is removable for easy cleaning.


– Kinetic rubber isolators, and a buttkicker plate that will accept the mini or the BK4-4 advanced buttkicker are factory preinstalled. That will allow for easy buttkicker installation. Adding a buttkicker will create a very realistic effect and bring the movie watching experience to a next level.


Covers Available

BLACK MICROFIBER is extremely durable, comfortable and easy to maintain.

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